Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sad New Year

Assalamualaikum ...semoga dengan kehadiran tahun baru 2012 ini akan lebih memberikan anda semangat untuk bekerja, mengubah perangai buruk kepada yang elok, mencipta imej diri sendiri yang senang dihargai, buang yang keroh dan ambil yang jernih...segala peristiwa hitam dijadikan teladan dan sempadan agar lebih berjaga jaga selepas ini..( this message are also a reminder for me too..;) 

        Hai peeps...a happy new year with a happy starter in ur life pls...i think its not too late wishing u all right??!!! mmuuahahahaa.....actually baru terase nak happy ckit coz im starting with my new day of the year with full of struggle  situation..sad...tears falling drooling on my cheeks officemate aka friend passed away on 31st dec 2011 around 4pm by accident in tanjung karang...he and his 4mnth baby boy gone forever.. his wife arm broken + fingers..daughter and son got minor injury ( for me its really damn terok!!) his 3rd little son still in ICU with holes on his head and broken cheeks ( been describe as this by my friends )..the whole complete family was met in accident...the sad thing is...his wife couldn't witness the funeral ceremony coz she'd been warded..the funeral taken on 1st jan 2012 around 10.30am on his mom house..
firtsly i couldn except the message about his dead..coz i just talk to him and quarrel with him on d last friday.. i always referring him regarding any doc and grant for further details in my job...he's very nice and humble person..will never say "taknak..tak boleh...aahh!!" to anyone that seek for help from him..such a wonder office mate...thought him as my own brother...dont know how i want to go through after this...we here still imagine that he always around us...cant forget his voices and the way he talk..(gagap) a bit la...
imagine that ur friend got no sign of moving away...a healthier person..always joking with each other.. and suddenly ur friend no more on d next day!!! he pass away....OMG...i just cant stop my tears..:(... he is Rohaimi Kanimon...use to cal abang mie....we are a very good friends..all of us is PTDK Pendaftaran are very very good with each others....even some of them are always buat passaalll!!! never bother them lah!! hmmmmm.....nothig to say more...have to go...and to my dear friend...


  1. As salam Mama
    I am so sorry for the loss.. semoga segalannye dipermudah kan buat isterinye.. u dont sedih sedih ok.. its a brand new year.. setiap yg hidup akan mati.. take it easy yah and bake more!

  2. hai kak rima..thnx for ur comment..really great to have u here...jap lagi nak singgah dapo kak rima plak..tunggu ye..


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