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Date : Around November 2010 ( 10 Days trip )
Venue : Chennai, Tiruchy, Kodaikanal....with Mom and Aunty's lah rupe salah satu chennai junk street...this is the first day of our arrival at Chennai and its on  Deepavali, but in India its not really happening festive..the most joyful day for them are celebrating "Ponggal"..but in Malaysia Deepavali is the most happening festive for Indian's .. I thought kat India must be jammed every where..jalan  tutup ke....but what im surprising at!!! no such kind of people celebrate giler giler!!! its a simple life and still plak nak shopping lagi that morning.. huh....but i still can see women s wearing glittering sarees and chuditar for teens... its a must for them to wear new dress on that auspicious day.
1 of junk street in Chennai
MGR Monument ( 50s Era Indian Hero and Politicans )
after that we continue our journey to my GM hometown....aaarrrr more best kalu sebut kampung halaman...he he he he.....its take 4 1/2 hour travels from Chennai town...all d way i can see huts of living people...cows landing baik punyer atas jalan...i mean by road side lah.....goats crossing highway...imagine its happen in Malaysia......ha ha ha ha ha ha......and of coz bunyi honk honk honk honk....!!!! tak lekang dari telling u..the way of driving skills must learn from them!!! belok kiri kanan time krete laju pon...nothing happend and no body scolding for behaving rudely with them!!!! coz bunyi hon krete tak dan nak lepas!!! last the journey ends around 4.30pm...feels really tired and damn Mom and aunt's suffering from terrible headache and sprain..
  Our 1st dish is superb Chicken biryani + mutton curry...superb!!!! never ever have such kind of this taste...marvelous!!!!! buurrrpppss!!!! oops....! what a damn taste and finally my eyes closed after full off biryani in my stomach..wah!!! terlelap sudah setelah berkali kali cuba untuk menahan.. penat + kenyang+sooooooooo sleepy..zzzzzzzzzz....suddenly awaken after several time being touch and pampered by  my aunty ( (munny mami )...all my GM relatives came to visit us...the whole super crowd began to reduce after 9pm..ffuuhh!!! their main languish is "urdhu Basha"..sungguh terharu dan amatlah disayangi oleh kaum keluarga yang baru je Mama jumpa....hhmmm its really worthless seeing them there... 

Our first 4 days...just visiting some of my GM siblings children around Chidambaram Town... having fun with Auto ride" Indian sporty public transport" notice my aunty (k.saripah ) behind me...with full of scary face on her!!!! ha ha ha ha was night journey..around 3km away from our kampung..
Food is unspeakable delicate...takde makna nak makan sikit sikit....paling paling pon 2 pinggan mesti kene belasah gak!!! terpakse lah Mama makan..nak jage ati sedare lah katekan...hhmmm so far selama ade kat situ.. NO diarrhea..NO fever...but suffering from homesick 2 little p.p.gurl..missing them alot!!! Then we went to Kodaikanal ( like genting lah!! )..more fantastic and more higher...a very cold scenery...and nice people there...on d evening we get down straight away to Tiruchy..4hrs journey...actually the journey from 1 place to another takes 4 to 5hrs!!! tu yang sakit badan n kepala...even travelling by 4w.d... 2hrs journey to Kodaikanal Hill Station..
At in heaven of Kodaikanal...:)

My Munni Mami n Abdul Mamu

Finally we got to Chennai town again to start our shhooppppppppppiingggs!!!!!! Oh My God..what a cheap price that we got there...we to Saravana Stores..bought some sarees..punjabi dress...jewels..xtra xtra....then to Potty's..frankly im telling u..Potty's much have design to choose..and the price really worth..tak sakit kepale nak pilih then Saravana Stores..macam Mydin Whole Seller plak!!! then i have my must try snacks in India..Pani Puree...Woooaahhh!!! its really promising me the excellent taste and satisfaction..then Bhell Puree...hhmm not so prefer it ;) then i had Mushroom Soup...damn great !!! we have all this while standing by the road side...its an interesting and not to be miss in my memoirs... 

GM only Sister..
Sheep For Qurban only Rm 250!!!
 Last on d 9th days at night we move from my village about 12.30md..back to Chennai to catch our flight around 9am...tears comes from every eyes that hoping us to stay back more longer... hugging and kisses being give n take....hhmmm but i wanna go home as soon as possible guyz!!!! im missing my family and of course...then i realize Malaysia is d best ever country i stay...dari segi kebersihan !!!...hhwwaaaaaaaaa.......i learn sooo many things while im there...fisrt.. kasih sayang yang melampau lampau...pergghhh!!! memang tak family is 100% rich with love..even nampak kesusahan pd mereka pon...tapi tetap gak nak entertain kitorang nih...just a little sadness on my GM..bayangkan..balik sekali jer 13 yrs ago...she left her home town after married when she was 14 yrs shes God!!! tapi trip ni pun nak bawak die sebenarnya...but at the end she got problem with her her ticket was burn lah...she cannot proceed with us...sedih gak.. takdir Allah...sape pon takleh argue!! any way any how....i was having fun with my trips and lots of memoirs that i kept...and i will be back to INDIA!!!! tunggu lg 2 tahun bleh...he he he.... So down here some wonderful pic...i guess ahakss!!!!

The smallest house i saw there...
4 beauties from Malaysia...Blues is my MOM...


taddaaaaaaaaaaa!!!.... huhuhuhu...
last on 9th day 12.30am..

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