Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some Thoughts...

Zahireen Wade'a
Hmmmm..im wondering on how to control this gurl...day by day..im getting tired and blur with all the variety kind off words..action and xtra xtra xtra..(MAMA PENING NAK XPALIN) ;9..Where did she learn...? how?..i ask my mom..coz she's taking care of her everyday...time pass for my gurl a always watching tv..she learns a lot from the media...and of course our behavior effected her several...making her really enjoy to learn and duplicate it to us back!!! She loves to make up like Me..scold others like Me and her Nanny...eat like hubby...hah..and she loves to sing and dance on her damn favorable Tamil songs and Korean songs....she will gelek and gelek all the way.. terms in love singing....was just like hubby and her uncles especially... Day by day im raising them with full of hopes that i can build them and creating a wonderful children with good manners,attitude,inter personal,higher education and the most important.."ajar agama yang betul dan tepat" haaaaa....and be as a good role for them...so,as a father  also played an important role for kids..on disciplinary taught..and sebagai pelindung..yup!!! all these combine together...so we are a happy family..yyyeeeaaahhh....!!!!!
Go Mama Go.....!!!!!!!!!

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