Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lovely Mama: FEELING'S

Today..Mama feel very uncomfortable about 40%..not happy 20%..lots of question in mind 30% and 10% of anger!!!.Have u ever feld some kind of ur own friends..or i mean a closed person to you suddenly act weird on u?? before the day..all these person is a very good good friends of u are sooo happy..chatting...rumoring jokes, blanje makan and bla bla bla....and also went for shopping together...suddenly today these weird people turns out from u?? Behaving like they got something or bad thoughts about u..but u very sure that u have done nothing on them?? Heih!!!! I dont understand what is going on??? Malas sungguh i bile nak layan orang orang macam nie.... My God ...tak paham la!! Y me ?????????...Im totally 0 on what is running inside their mind... if I did come transparent with me...ask me...tanye laaaaa!!! y must i'd be blamed for something that i never mean it!! Huh..... what a tough to maintain a good relationship..i'm being treated as stupid!!! As i know with my self, im a person that very open with all my relations...and friends...I will think again and again to hurt my closed people feelins.. no matter who are they..but closed with heart will never allow me to talk nonsense with these people..Is there got rules that only we have to take care of others feeling ? Then who should care of us??? mode : sad :( ..if im wrong..i will ask apology with the related one..y must other people interfere in this case...hhhmmm...perhaps Mama being very very calm and good with matter what happend..Mama will never turns to them that always hurts my feeling's regularly...HUH!!! May God always help any way....Ameeeen..

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